So what’s it like to teach a children’s reiki class….

The take-home answer is short:  so much fun,  so unexpected and so rewarding! My partner, Carolyn Maguire, and I have found that we have as much fun as the children – possibly more.  But shhh!… we won’t tell the children or the moms that secret!

If we were to make up a list of qualities for a children’s Reiki teacher, (or any children’s teacher for that matter),  it would ideally include:  flexibility, spontaneity, sense of humor, child-like enjoyment of play, and a willingness to “learn” from children as well as “teach” them.  Definitely leave your ego at the door! Otherwise it will suffer a terrible bruising.  Any teacher is constantly learning – not only what engages children and what doesn’t (and hopefully adapting on the spot ) – but also learning so much more…

Most children “get it” as the saying goes – much more than we adults give them credit for.  They intuitively assimilate concepts that often take adults full-length discussions and demonstrations to grasp.  Sometimes their fertile minds seem like little moving targets we are trying to pin down.  But they often already have the core concept deep within their being on a simple, intuitive level.

A perfect example of this was a demonstration we were doing for them of how to scan along the body outline to decide where they might want to use their “Reiki hands” to help “Miss Carolyn”.  An adult would be asking us if their hands were in the right position, the right distance from the body, what should I be feeling, etc.  The little ladies in our class literally took 4 seconds or less to scan and decide it was Miss Carolyn’s knee and shoulder that warranted some attention.  One child didn’t even bother to scan and decided on the shoulder area automatically.   Of course, they were all correct!  (Miss Carolyn who had played a very competitive game of soccer the day before was very grateful for their Reiki hands.)

They each offered a very short treatment of only a few minutes and then scooted off to finish their drawings or craft projects without being told or thinking twice about it. They just knew and trusted that they were finished.  Or perhaps they were just ready to move on!  You are never completely sure with children. 🙂

It is well-known that children give much shorter treatments than adults with equal effectiveness.  They have not yet added the layers of defenses or questions about : “what is really happening here”,  “is it working”,   “am I doing a good job”,  “what should I do next”,  and so forth. Perhaps they are more fully present in the moment.

We adults (and teens) know how to complicate just about everything – including Reiki.  Young children remind us every time that Reiki is really a simple process – it’s about extending love.  They intuitively assimilate this core concept of Reiki.

So bottom line, children definitely need our ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????guidance, wisdom, boundaries, support, and love.  But they also have the capacity to teach us simple wisdom.  They can teach us to play again and not take ourselves too seriously.  They can remind us of life at its center.  Hopefully as they grow and develop, we are teaching them the same thing.

So what’s it like to teach a child Reiki ?…. PURE GIFT if we allow it to be!!!!

(c)  2013 Kids Love Reiki too! ™
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