Test Anxiety

One of the challenges parents often face is helping children and teens through test anxiety. Some mild anxiety is normal and actually helps sharpen mental focus. It is the good stress we sometimes read about. But for many, test anxiety can be almost paralyzing.
While being supportive and trying to foster helpful study habits, good note taking in school, proper rest, food and exercise prior to a test, remember to stay calm yourself.

Anxiety can be contagious. If you are very nervous for them, children and teens will likely feel it and everyone’s anxiety will increase.  Test anxiety is, of course, tied to fear of failure and concepts of self-worth.

We want our children to be successful when facing any type of test situation – academic, sports or other test situations. But it is so important to reinforce a child’s self-worth despite the outcome of a particular situation. This is sometimes easier said than done!  And remember not to tie your own self-worth as a parent to the outcome as well.

As with everything in life and parenting, it is about trying to find that sometimes illusive balanced approach.  And don’t we all feel like we have failed the “parenting test” sometimes. 🙂

Here are some tips for overcoming test anxiety that may be helpful for your child (or even for yourself):


Are there any tips you would like to share with parents?

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